Monday, June 02, 2008

1-9 June 2008 Wildlife Sightings blog

Still places on the rare breeding birds day out 21 June, see news for details.
8-9 June 2008 Time out from birding with my latest highlight being Blue-tailed Damselfly in the garden on 8th. A first for my home patch. I have been encouraged to rest at home after taking a 60mph cricket ball in the head, much to the amusement of friends. Once again I apologise for my appearance to those that attended the Nightjar evening! I will not be at work until 17th June so I wil be an unlikely source of information until then. Keep checking the WWT site as there may well be a good bird during this period.
7 June 2008 An evening visit to the Forest of Dean for a special Nightjar evening. This proved to be succesful, a quick look at Woorgreens and 5 singing Willow Warbler, a singing Garden Warbler and Mandarin with 4 ducklings were highlights. In place for our nocturnal target and Nightjar began churring at 2145, a short burst. Another longer chur was from the top of a fir with the cuwick call and a close flyover our heads. Further cuwick calls were heard on four occasions and long spells of churring from quite close to the track. A male was silouetted against atop a tree as it churred. We got to a closer posistion but the light had gone, further churring and wing clapping was heard topping off a good all round performance from these special birds. A total of twelve fly by or fly over sightings of Woodcock was made including very close views overhead. Both calls were heard clearly. Bats were much in evidence as were biting insects. Tawny Owls were heard in the woods. A great evening, perfect for searching out the forest night birds.
3-6 June 2008 Very little birding.
Male Red-footed Falcon MJM
2 June 2008 Still lots of small waders on the Severn, see the WWT website for details. I also had a first summer Mediterranean Gull fly N along the foreshore calling as it went and the second summer Ring-billed Gull. Two male Hairy Dragonfly were territorial in the WWT 100 Acre, at least 5 Black-tailed Skimmer, 5 Four-spot Chaser and lots of mating Azure, Common Blue, Large Red and Blue tailed Damselflies. Later in the day I could not resist going for a lovely male Red-footed Falcon near Fairford, it is a stunning bird and I have not seen this species in Glos for 19 years!. The last two were also in the Cotswold Water Park.

A nice find for Gareth Harris but the bird is resting in a private area. I see the news is on the pagers/infolines. It can be viewed from the rather narrow and potentially dangerous road with closer views from the Wiltshire side of the river. On no account enter the fields unless it is along the public right of way on the Wilts side and park sensibly, do not compromise the goodwill of the landowners/locals and Gareth's relationship with these conservation minded people.

1 June 2008 Still lots of small waders in the estuary.
Below, Sanderling (every stage of spring moult), Red Knot and Dunlin.